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About Me

Hi, I'm the SEO Content Writer & Manager you're looking for!

My journey, fueled by caffeine and true crime podcasts, has led me to a career that intertwines my passion for storytelling and my curiosity for SEO strategies to become an SEO content writer and manager. Specializing in various industries, but most recently in cannabis, I have been a part of many successful SEO campaigns that have helped businesses nationwide strengthen their online visibility.

As a holistic and collaborative content manager, I strive to devise a content strategy that blends your business objectives, brand voice, and target audience. Our shared goal is to amplify your content's visibility on search engines and strike a chord with your readers. Once we've found a way to strike the perfect balance, I manage the implementation of our strategy and ensure that all your content is high-quality and keyword-rich

My goal is to make sure your story stands out from the crowd. With my knowledge of SEO trends, target audience insights, and dedication to exceptional storytelling, we can create content that will build trust between you and your readers. Whether your needs lie in SEO copywriting, content strategy, or simply managing your company's blog, let's talk!

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Areas of Expertise

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IT & Software

Medical & Health

Finance & Insurance

eCommerce & Retail

Non-Profit & Charities

Education & Childcare

Technology & Business

Home Services & Products

Legal Services & Education

Real Estate & Home Design

Manufacturing & Construction

The above is just a snapshot of some of the industries I have worked with. As an SEO expert, I have a wealth of knowledge and ‚Äčexperience that can be applied to any industry. Coupled with my degrees in social and behavioral sciences, I have a well-rounded ‚Äčskill set that allows me to understand both the technical and human aspects of SEO.

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Sallie Blackmon